is multi-award winning singer/producer, a Hong Kong Film Award winning actor and a prominent builder and consultant in Web3 and AI in Asia.

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In The Name of Hanjin

Hanjin Tan has been a multi-talented musician in Asia’s music scene. For this new work, he jumps from pop to art tech, partnering with Banky Yeung, a one-of-a-kind figure in Hong Kong theatre. They fuse 3D immersive music, dance, stand-up comedy, installation art and Web3 elements into an innovative experience, integrating technology and art.

Band Four

Hanjin is starring in a new movie called “Band Four” with Kay Tse and Teddy Robbin. In cinemas from 9th October.

Listen to his latest EP "他她"

Recently released on August 22nd, 2023, 他她 features 4 new singles.


Singer, Producer & Actor

Hanjin is an award winning singer/producer from Singapore, based in Hong Kong. He is a Hong Kong Film Award winning actor and is a famous Chinese TV personality.


Crypto & Web3

Hanjin is the 1st in the world to drop a Chinese music NFT. He has 3 drops to date, a song, a graphic video and a private PFP collection. He will launch a 3000 avatar voxel collection with The Sandbox in Q1 of 2024.

AI & Machine Learning

Hanjin is an evangelist of web3 for better equity in marginalized creative industries. He will be launching an AI music solution in 2024.

Art & Fashion Tech

Hanjin’s Art Tech and Fashion Tech projects are in development.


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